Wednesday, January 7, 2009

DR Appt.. whatever

Kati reminded me that I needed to update about the DR appointment because you're all probably sitting on the edge of your seats just DYING about when baby will come, am I right?! :) jk. I'm 75% effaced... a little more than last time, but nothing else. They said they will schedule an induction date next time (on Monday) because my doc doesn't want me to go very far past my due date, apparently he doesn't like it. BUT they said LAST doctors appt that THIS time they were going to schedule one, so we'll see.

I'm kind of in the "whatever" stage.. if that's even a stage.. I know it sounds dramatic and I still have a week and a day till my due date, which is plenty of time, but I feel like she's going to always be in my tummy. Last week it was like "Whoa- we can have her any day!!" and now it's like "She'll still in there..." ha ha. And last week it was like, okay we need to do this and this and this... and now I'm like "it doesn't matter, she's not coming anyway" lol.

Anyway- there's the update :)

OH and Kati- the wings WERE amazing- definitely have to have Chris get you some :)

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Anonymous said...

(Caitlin)Haha i totally went through the Whatever phase. As Soon as I hit my due date I didn't care anymore, and I was 6 days late. She will come when she's ready and be so Darling!! ENJOY relaxing because as soon as she comes your life is going to completely change forever!