Monday, January 19, 2009

Busy Busy Day

Today was a big day for Macy- she had a lot of visitors. My Dad, Derek, and Brittany came out yesterday to see her, the Ross', Grandma Benich, Grandma Bochat, Aunt Janet, and Uncle Brian and Aunt Jane and their family were all here. Needless to say after everyone left we were all tuckered out. Here are some pictures of the day!

Here is Macy's cousin Kaylee

This is 4 generations...Grandpa and Macy

Here is our first family picture :) -Well, the first one I'm actually awake for :) Aww- It's our family :)


Carbonneau said...

Super cute family pic! wow Alli, you should feel really special to have all those visitors...sorry, makes me feel bad we aren't up there! Keep the pics coming.

Stormy said...

What a cute family! :)

Brent & Jodie said...

Your family is adorable! And Alli, you look fantastic! Clearly motherhood agrees with you.

Liz and Trevor Weed said...

What a beautiful picture! Alli, you look great!! I love how Macy is eyeing your little dog! So cute! Keep posting pictures!

Ann said...

Alli & Kyle;
Your mom just gave me your site and I want you to know that she is absolutely wonderful! We are so thrilled for you. The first picture that you took with the bow (pink and brown), shows that she looks EXACTLY like a Carbonneau (sorry Kyle). She is wonderfully precious. But I can't see where you posted her weight/height? Did I miss it somewhere? Congratulations to both of you. Good work....!
Sister John

Kyle & Alli said...

Thank you so much! As you can probably tell we are already smitten! :) Kyle posted her weight and stuff on the post right before 15 hours later... on the bottom of the blog page where it says older posts, if you click on that there is more :). She was a perfect 6 lbs 14 oz and 19 in long.
Thanks for checking out our blog!