Wednesday, January 14, 2009

15 hours later...

Well I guess Kyle posted the pictures of the day yesterday :) Not in my best looking moments, but what do you expect?!

At about 9 or 10 on the 12th I started having contractions, not hard, but definitely not braxton hicks. We had a doctors appointment that night and I kept teasing Kyle that the doctor was just going to tell us to stay there to have the baby- secretly is wasn't really teasing it was my extreme hope ha ha. Dr said that I was at 3 centimeters and about 50% effaced (I know I know, last time the nurse prac said I was like 75% but whatever, so unimportant now) and that if I sneezed wrong I could have the baby but he wanted to schedule an induction on Monday (like this coming Monday) at 8 o'clock so that we could have an end in sight. Little did we know Macy had plans of her own :) I went to class that night and was still having the contractions... called my mom and told her that she might want to consider coming that night because I knew I was going to have her sometime this week. She got here at around 11 that night and at 2 we decided we should go to the hospital. My contractions were around 4-6 minutes...

Off we went to the hospital and they hooked me all up... I don't really know the times of everything but by the time we got to the hospital I was at the 4, so I knew I was progressing. I went from a 4 to an 8 in about 7 hours somewhere in there I got my epidural... such an amazing thing when it works... so at like 10ish and I was stuck at an 8 for like 5 hours, so until about 3. Somewhere in those 5 hours the machine to my epidural stopped working and I started feeling everything, I was in tears and decided I was glad that I had decided to get an epidural because it just really really hurt ha ha. I was finally dilated completely but she hadn't dropped yet, so they kept rotating me from side to side with a ball between my legs hoping to let her snuggle down a little bit.

At 5 I started pushing... they turned the epidural off so that I could start to feel myself pushing and where I needed to push, at about 6 I was back in tears- not because the contractions but because my right leg was hurting so bad. The doctor said he thinks muscle spasms, basically really bad charlie horses... who would have thought that it wasn't pushing that was making me cry, it was charlie horses. Dr. Plowman asked us if we would like to use the vacuum to help me out, I was so drained I told him to ask Kyle- he would make the decision... he let us know the pros and cons and then left us to decide. Kyle pushed the button for them to come back in and he came right in with the vacuum and nurses started flooding in- I pushed and he pulled for about 3 contractions... and to be honest everything after that is a bit fuzzy :) I know they told me to just push whenever I wanted to get her the rest of the way and I just kept going I wanted to be done and my leg hurt, they popped her on my tummy and gave me something to help my leg and I was out. Kyle said I was pretty funny and loopy, but I don't remember much about it. She was born at 6:12 and I think I held her for the first time at around 8, that's when the meds wore off. I guess when the doctor left her apologized to Kyle for giving me that because I was out, but he knew that I was in a lot of pain so there ya go :)

She is wonderful! She is so cute and so alert. Her blood sugar was really low through out the night so they kept giving her sugar water and some formula to bring it up, around 6 this morning they let me know that she has been keeping it up so that's really good. Other than that we are happy and healthy, sore, but happy :) She is getting her hearing test right now so I figured while I had a few minutes I should blog what I remember, because I don't even feel like I remember a lot ha ha. We'll post some picture later today :)

Sorry if there are a lot of typos, I don't feel like going back and rereading it right now :)


Meghan Carbonneau said...

Way to go Alli! Glad everything went well for you guys. Steven and I were anxious all day waiting to hear the news! She's finally here though and I'm sure your life will never be the same or so I hear. Anyway, can't wait to come up and visit. We'll let things settle down first though. Love you guys!

Marie said...

Great job Alli! Very smart to record what you remember now. I had no clue what was going on while it happened and couldn't remember much after but as the days passed I kept remembering more. I kept asking Caleb like days later "Did they do this? Did they do that?"
She's such a cutie! Congrats!