Thursday, January 15, 2009

Coming Home Day

Grandma got to come see Baby Macy yesterday in the hospital :)

Here we all are with Dr. Plowman the one who delivered Macy for us. He is Great!

Check out the dinner the give to new parents. Not what you expect in a hospital is it?

Got to thow this one in... Raise the roof!

All dressed up in here going home outfit.

Isn't she so cute? :)

That car sear just swallows her.

Hanging out with Uncle Brad! Her first visitor at home today :)

Her first pet... they are bonding fast :)

I had to throw this one in too... Why so serious!

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Steven said...

I'm REALLY excited to see my niece. I know that you guys will be here in a month, but I want to come up there anyway and see her next Saturday! I'm excited. I almost started crying when I saw the picture of her. :o) I love you littl Macy!

Stormy said...

Her outfit is adorable! Man she's so cute, is Zeus jealous yet?? lol. I can't wait to see her! How are you feeling now??

Meghan Carbonneau said...

it's so funny whenever you say that to Zeus because it really does look like the joker. Poor little Zeus! He needs me to babysit him again :)

Jenny&Shane said...

Congrats Alli! She is so gorgeous! I'm glad to see that you guys are doing well. What a happy family. =)