Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Remember this post when I pledged to start running?

It went well for like... a week.
Three weeks later I started again and that lasted like a day.
Then we had the musical, Califonia, and all kinds of other crazy excuses that I gave myself.

Really I didn't start really running and staying focused until the beginning of July.
When I first started I could barely run .5 a mile- seriously.
As of Saturday I can run 3 miles! Yay me!
I'm going up 1/4 of a mile a week and it's really going good for me. I think I'll probably start uping that a little bit as I get further distances, but the 1/4 of a mile was perfect to get up to 3 miles.
I love how when I run I really can get into a mode where I'm just running, not thinking about really anything, not doing anything for anyone, I'm just running. I go 3 days a week and I'll start going more as I start training for a 10k in October. Yay for running!

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