Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I'm a runner! Well, I'm going to be!

In November I want to run a half-marathon.and I'm starting my training today.
Until summer rolls around I can only really run on days that Kyle comes home right after school (too cold in the morning)- so that will be like 3 days a week on average (sometimes more, sometimes less) and hopefully 5 days a week after the musical is over. I'm just going to have to run on those days (and Saturdays) and not beat myself up about it if I can't run more then twice that week. It's not the ideal system, but I feel like I need to start- I WANT to start. I don't want to wait till summer, or for Kyle :)

I've seen a lot of different programs online, and I think I just need to pick one that feels right for me. The block in front of us (with the elementary school and the fair grounds) is a little more then a mile all the way around, so I think I'm start with that.

So if you're driving through that part of Holbrook and you see me kind of looking like this...

Now you know why :)
But don't worry, give me some time and I'll be looking like this!

Wish me luck!


Whitney said...

GO ALLI! This is another one of those times when if we lived close I would watch your babies for you! You can do it and I love your attitude about it.

Carbonneau said...

you can do it Alli! A friend of mine is running in the ragnar relay race this weekend. We were talking last night and she kept saying "I am SO NOT a runner, and how she is really doing it for her husband." We were with a bunch of other moms and we all had to remind her that she just ran 6 miles last week, and she easily does three all the time now. UM she is a runner. I love the title of your post because you CAN be ANYTHING you want to be :) go alli go!
so, are you going to come down here and do our half marathon? or do you have another one in mind already?

David said...

You can do, if I can do you can do and believe I never thought I could do it. And running three days a week is no big deal. I generally only run three days a week but never more then four and I'm training for a full now. So that'll be enough. Good luck, I'm so excited for you. Running is such a great accomplishment and if you can find a running buddy I would suggest that, there is nothing more fun than having a running buddy.

Stormis said...

I think this is so awesome! I have been wanting to start running so bad, and I haven't done it. But I am always thinking about how I want to start! I always wish I had someone to run with! You are awesome for getting out and actually doing it! I am going to too!!! (really...i am) :)