Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Our Pediatrician Rocks

After we gave Macy a bath last night we checked her cast and it had gotten wet. We checked it right after the bath and it didn’t feel wet, but then about 20 minutes later Macy kept saying there was “bird poop in my leg”. We don’t have a bird, and we’re inside the house so there is no way there was bird poop in there, so I asked her if she put anything in her cast and she just kept saying there was bird poop in there. I felt around her cast and it was wet. We put her to bed and then checked this morning and it was still wet. At about 8:30 I called her specialist and the receptionist told me to keep using a blow dryer and she couldn’t do anything for me because they didn’t have anyone in the office again until the 22nd and if I wanted I could call my pediatrician and they would tell me what to do. I called my pediatrician and the receptionist told me she would have the doctor call me when he gets in the office. He called me back within 30 minutes and started off by telling me her was furious with my specialist because they didn’t give me any more resources. He said he called them and gave them a piece of his mind and then told me that if she started complaining of pain then I needed to take her to the ER and get the cast off and get a new one. Right as I was getting off the phone with him, the receptionist at the specialist called me and told me she had just spoken to my pediatrician and that someone would be coming in at 11 to get a new cast on Macy. I love my pediatrician, he totally had our backs. I threw the girls in the car and we got to the specialist and waited about 4 minutes for one of the doctors to get there. It wasn’t the original doctor that put her cast on, it was his partner. He took Macy’s cast off and told me he was very happy we called him in because her skin was starting to get red and irritated and said it was definitely wet. He checked Macy’s file and decided to put a walking cast on her that goes under her knee so she can start walking on it (even though he was aware she already was). Macy was a great patient and held perfectly still while the doctor was working on her leg. They kept telling me how well behaved she was and how most kids aren’t that cooperative for them. She picked a red cast this time, which was the nurses’ favorite color. When it was time to go the doctor even scooped her up and walked to the desk with her and handed her to the receptionist and told her to help us out to the car. I am so pleased with my pediatrician and how nice the new doctor was to us even though we didn’t have a great experience with the receptionist, I’m still happy with the fact that she’s in a walking cast. 

And here are just some cute pictures of London :)

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