Monday, August 8, 2011


On July 13th we were at Marie's house on just a normal summer day. The adults were in the living room while the kids were playing outside. We were just sitting there talking when I heard Macy start crying, and I could tell that she was really hurt- it wasn't just an attention cry. I ran outside and she was laying face down on the concrete and it looked like she had tripped over a shop vac hose that was laying across the walkway. I picked her up and gave her a hug, told her she was fine and she just needed to go play and walk it off (jerk, right?!). She kept crying and I had mentioned that we were about an hour past her naptime, so I just chalked her up to being tired and losing it. I tried putting her down a few times and she just wouldn't walk so I told Kyle it was time to take the girls home and put them to bed, so we went home and put the girls down for their naps. Macy took a normal nap but when she woke up she called my name and made me get her out of bed, and then she didn't want to play and said she just wanted to sit with me in the rocking chair. About 3 hours later she still wouldn't walk on it so I gave her some tylenol to see if that would help. She tried to walk after the medicine, but she would just fall and start crying. Kyle and I discussed it and I called the doctor to see what he thought. The doctor told me that I needed to take her in, that even if it didn't look swollen or no noticeable breaks, it could still be broken. I really don't like going to the doctor if I don't feel 100% sure I need to go, so Kyle and I talked about it a little more, tried to feel her leg to see if we could feel anything, and decided we just need to buck up and take her to the ER (it was like 7 so the Dr office was closed). We got there and waited about 10 minutes and they took us back. When we first got there Macy was really nervous with all the newness of the hospital, so they gave her this cute "booboo bunny" to help her feel at home. She really lit up when they gave it to her and it helped her relax a little.

She also loved being able to watch Backyardigans- gotta love Netflix.

At first the doctors didn't think she broke it, because Macy wasn't giving them any clues that it hurt. Macy is such a tough girl and really doesn't like crying about being hurt in front of people so she let the doctor move her leg like crazy which made the doctor think we were crazy paranoid parents- so they said they would do x-rays to rule it out. They took the first x-ray and it looked normal, but on the 2nd x-ray they could see the break in her Tibia, which is the shin/weightbearing bone. They told us it was a "large hairline fracture". Luckily it was a clean break so no surgery or screws were needed and it would heal just fine in a cast. They splinted her with a splint that when up the back of her leg as well as a stirrup splint around her ankle/foot.

After we left the hospital Kyle and I felt really bad for our Macy girl, so we took her to Walmart so she could pick herself out a present- and we needed to get the poor girl some more pain meds. We walked around the toy section but Macy really wasn't into it at all and kept saying no to everything we showed her. We made another executve decision and bought her some blocks. Best decision on toy purchase so far. She loves them and has been playing with them on a daily basis.

This was the morning after she broke her leg (the 14th) and she woke up and kept asking to go for a walk- so we took her for a walk :) She was in pain, but she really didn't want to sit at home. Poor girl :( She was pretty miserable for a few days.

She had the splint on for a week and we went to a specialist and got a bright pink cast put on her. For a couple days before we got the cast, we had asked what color cast she was going to get and she kept switching between pink and blue, I didn't sway her at all and she told the doctor pink :)
After we got her cast on she has been a real champ. She keeps asking to go swimming, but she doesn't have a waterproof cast so that's a no no. The doctor told us she's not supposed to walk on it, but I have no idea how I was supposed to tell her to not walk, I think that lasted like 2 minutes. It really doesn't phase her anymore. She gets it off August 29th so we have 3 more weeks!

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