Sunday, August 28, 2011

Family Fun!

A few weekends ago my cousin Mark got married  and they were having a wedding reception in Flagstaff this weekend for those of us that couldn't make it to Payson last weekend. Steven, Meghan, and Baby Jack came up to visit us on Friday and then we all went to Flagstaff yesterday. It was really fun having them for the weekend and we loved having a little baby in our house again (No, that doesn't mean I'm baby hungry and I don't plan on having another one for another year). :)

Baby Jack and Aunt Alli
We had to protect Jack because London just wanted to love on him a little too hard. 
Poor London got so upset when she couldn't hold Baby Jack.
Macy loved having Jack around. She would play with her arms and legs and just look at him. It was adorable. She's such a great big cousin. 

Thanks for coming and hanging out with us Steven and Meghan!
After a morning of just hanging out, we headed over to Flagstaff. Before we got to my Aunt and Uncle's house we stopped at Bun Huggers for some amazing hamburgers, YUM. Then we went over and met my parents at  Aunt Janet and Uncle Greg's house. They have an absolutely gorgeous backyard and the weather was perfect which made for a very relaxing and fun day.

Here is the happy couple. Congratulations!

Macy kept running and yelling at Grandpa, it was pretty funny.

Macy told Uncle Steven "Okay- Your turn. Run and scream" So like a good uncle, he did.

I seriously can't get over how nice their backyard was, it was seriously so beautiful and it was really nice to just hang out back there. One day we'll have a nice backyard, one day.

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