Sunday, August 28, 2011

Water-color Painting

I was chillin' on Pinterest and I came across a "packet" for toddler/preschool age kids for parents to work on with them at home. I was flipping through the packet and most of the packet is worksheets. I was able to get my bachelors degree is Early Childhood and in my classes we were all taught how boring and lazy giving worksheets is to your children at school- which I take to mean especially at home. It also got me thinking that I went to school for 5 years to learn all this stuff and I haven't really been using any of with my kids. I decided that I need to try to do something "preschoolish" every day. We already read books all the time, do puzzles, play with blocks, so I'm talking the hands on interactive things like painting, playing with magnets, making clouds with cotton balls, that type of stuff. Macy was watching some PBS cartoons and I noticed some of the kids in the background water color painting, so I decided that would be our first activity. Macy had a ball with it and asks me all the time if she can paint some more.

We had to stop an hour later after she had done 10 pictures and the paint was starting to end up on the counters, chairs, slide outside, cups, and other random places. She seriously had so much fun and I'm excited for her to get to experience some new ideas. What are some activities that you guys do with your kids? I'd appreciate some comments on fun things that you guys do so Macy can experience all sorts of fun. Thanks!

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Andrew and Heidi said...

We LOVE Play Doh! Addie always has fun with it. She has some cookie cutters and other things she uses with it. Also, water beads. I got mine on and they are super fun. I will let her use spray bottles filled with water and a little food coloring and she "paints" with those by spraying paper or cardboard. I have a bin of big beads and we practice making patterns on strings. We made jellyfish out of paper plates and streamers and she loved that. We have a mini chalk board and I will draw letters or numbers (big ones) and let her try to trace them with a small paint brush and water. Pinterest is a great place for those kind of ideas, too.