Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Long Day in Show Low

This past weekend our very old and very rusted out evaporative cooler officially bit the dust. Luckily, our house didn't get up to 105 degrees like those people in Phoenix, but it was definitely a warm 85 the past few days. Macy had an appointment to get her cast off (Yay!) so while I was in Show Low I was on assignment to pick one up. Our morning started out in Holbrook where I was to Walt's to check out their selection. They said they had a few in stock that would fit my needs for a decent price, but I wanted to check out Home Depot and Lowe's before I went ahead and bought it, so we headed out to Show Low at 9am.

 I knew I was leaving a little early, so I was super good and went the exact speed limit the entire way - which worked out because it gave the girls a little nap before our busy day. We first went to Lowe's, no luck- they were all out, so I threw the girls back in the car and went to Home Depot. We found one that might work there. I called Kyle to go to Walt's and look at the cooler again to find out about it's specs in more detail. He was at work, so he couldn't do that till lunch and instead of hanging out at Home Depot for 3 hours, we headed over to Walmart.

 I got some stuff for craft night and then we went to Wendy's for lunch. After lunch Kyle still hadn't called yet, and we had about 2.5 hours till Macy's doctors appointment. We've already been to 3 stores and a fast food place so the girls were a little tired and I was done lugging them in and out of the car, so I checked to see if Winnie-The-Pooh was playing in theaters, no dice.
 I remember that there was a pet store with some small animals, so we headed over there. We looked at the birds and some cute cute puppies and Macy was done. I didn't know of any parks in the area and we still had 2 hours till her appointment. 

We started driving around and we found a McDonalds with a play place, Perfect! I stopped and the girls played for a good 45 minutes in the play area, they had a blast. Kyle finally called me back and said that I needed to pick up the cooler from Home Depot. Back to Home Depot we go, I buy the cooler and some nice Home Depot men help me to the van. The HD men are chillin' in the loading zone and when I pulled up with my van they gave me the "This is so not going to fit" look. Well- great. I open up the trunk and told them it was bigger then they might expect so we just need to try it. It didn't fit one way, so they turned it and got it most of the way in. There was still the backside hanging out but with some ropes and a cardboard box we got it all in. Thank you HD men, we were off finally off to the doctors office to get Macy's cast off. 

We got to the Dr. Office at about 1:50 and sat in the waiting room until 3:30. Gr. The girls were really good the first hour, but the last 30 minutes they were everywhere. It was nap time and I had been dragging them around all day- they were so done. Macy wanted to go read all the patient files so I had to keep to occupied from that and London just wanted to walk around everywhere. We finally got called back and waited another 30 minutes in the room for the doctor. There was a couple times I let London cry longed then I normally do to let them know that the lady with the grumpy children is still in the room. We got out of there at 4:15 and Macy's non-casted leg! She's hasn't been walking on it, she's crawling everywhere- but the Dr said that would be the case so I'm sure she'll feel better in a few days. 

We got home and Lorin and Lisa came over to help us with installing the cooler. We got it onto the roof and the vent hood flashing thing didn't match up at all with our cooler, so we have to call someone to get it installed- bummer, but necessary. The joys of home ownership.

We stared potty training! I kept telling Macy when she got her cast off she was going to go pee in the potty, and as the nurse was taking off her cast Macy was telling her as well- so I went ahead and got a little potty, candy, stickers, and panties. She woke up this morning and we had our first success! She's enjoying her own potty and that helps a lot. 

Wish us luck with the evaporative cooler and potty training! :)

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