Thursday, September 1, 2011

My Toddler

I just got an e-mail from Enfamil congratulating me on my toddler turning one. It immediately threw me into a defensive "She is not a toddler, she's just a baby" attitude. I started thinking about all the non-toddler things she does, and the list is getting shorter and shorter. London has been walking for about a month, and she even will stand up all by herself in the middle of the floor. She knows the word "no" and usually listens (okay so that's not so toddler like hehe) and she's learning words like "let's go" and will walk to the door when I say it. She waves bye bye when anyone says the word "bye" and now wants to drink out of a cup instead of a sippy or a bottle, even though she still drenches herself with water every time. London is such a joy to have around, she really does just light up the room when she smiles. She has a way of putting me in a good mood but I'm grumpy and reminding me of the sweet innocence of little children. She is so nice to Macy, even when Macy doesn't deserve it, and always shares her toys. Macy will run up and grab the toy London is playing with and I'll tell Macy to give it back, only to have London hand it right back to her. It's almost like she's saying "It's alright, if you really want it you can have it." She is a championship sleeper and hardly ever wakes up during the night and almost always go to sleep without fussing a bit. She loves to talk on the phone and uses anything as one, from a cup to a sock. It's such a bitter sweet feeling when you realize they are growing up, and the time she has as my Little Lou Lou is just going too fast.

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Whitney said...

Ah! I miss you guys! London is so adorable and you're right, she has an amazing smile and is quite captivating.