Monday, March 10, 2008

The Usual..

Gosh I feel like it's been forever since I've posted!

Last week was full of subbing and helping Kyle at the school. Friday, we had the longest day. Kyle was in charge of the Large Group Festival (All the schools from around Northern AZ with choirs and bands came and performed in front of judges).. We got there at like 7:30 that morning and didn't finally relax or eat until 4:30 that night. We had like an hour and a half and then we had to go to the ward talent show where Kyle sang and was amazing!

The next morning we had to go the valley for the All-State tryouts, so we left the school at 7:00 that morning and got to the valley at around 11... Kyle and the students (there was only 6 of them) hung out at Kyle's sisters house and my mom came and picked me up. My mom, Steven, Derek, and I hung out at the mall until Kyle was done- Meghan was the accompanist for the kids which was awesome because it's so much better to sing for judges with a piano than to a CD- Kyle really appreciated her helping out like that! Thanks Meghan! After the auditions we went to the Ostrich Festival in Chandler and saw Vertical Horizon in concert- that was such a blast I'm so glad we went to that. I couldn't hear for like 2 hours after the concert, but it was well worth it! We headed back to Joe City and got home at good ol' 2 a.m.

Sunday was just a normal fabulous Sunday- we slept in, which was much needed! Slept in, went to Church, Sunday dinner at Kyle's Mom's...

Chris and Kati are so awesome and got a Wii- and the trickle system went into effect and we got their old Sega Dreamcast! We turned it on and it seemed like it was working, and then we put a CD in and it would make this terrible sound and not load. I was so sad. We tried for like an hour and nothing. Later that night I was determined that we would get it to work, and I figured it wasn't working right now, so I took the thing apart. I found 2 big screws and like 3 washers in there that definitely didn't belong, so I took those out, put it back together, and it worked!! I was so happy!! I fixed it!! Well there was really much fixing, but I took out the screws! ha ha.

Anyway- That was our weekend! Now that I go back and read it, it doesn't seem like we were that busy, but I slept the entire way home on Saturday night, on a bus- and if I slept for 3 hours on a bus, that means I was REALLY tired :)


Stormy said...

Look at you...a handyman! Thats so funny! I can just picture you being so determined to fix that thing! :)

Stormy said...

Look at you...such a handyman! Thats so funny, I can just see you being so determined to fix that thing! Way to be :)

Stormy said...

ha ha I do that everytime...I think they dont go through and i get SO frustrated and do it over and over before I realize..oh she has to approve them. i'm an idiot!

Carbonneau said...

Okay, about the screws...HAHA I KNOW they are from the bunk bed. We bought new screws to replace a few old ones, and misplaced them. Then I moved the train table to the boys room and saw them in the corner, but next thing I knew they were gone. I BET the boys put them in the Dreamcast and when I tipped it to put it in the box and give it to you, it probably moved them so the thing wouldn't work. SORRY! Dont forget to give us those screws and washers though! lol!! WAY TO BE A HANDYMAN! fun day, and Im jealous about the concert!