Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Time flies

Last weekend we had the oppurtunity to have my family finally come see where I live, which was really fun! My Dad and little brother Derek came up and gave us the piano and my parents old couchs- which I couldn't be more excited about! We finally have, what I call, a "grown-up house" ha ha- meaning we have like a living room with the nice furniture and then the family room with the entertainment center and stuff! It's still a little weird because the family room is kind of off to the side, so when we didn't have the other furniture we just had everything in the Living room- so now there is two full rooms instead of an empty one! haha. Anyway- we had planned on having dinner at the pizza store- but the pizza oven broke so that didn't work out, so we went to El Rancho, which was very good! We drove around a little bit and my dad told us stories about when he was younger and she showed us where he used to live and all the fun stuff...
We came back home and talked for about an hour or so, and then we were off the bed!

The next morning we went to Cornville for the Grandma's 80th birthday party- it was fun to be able to see all the relatives on my Dad's side that we haven't since in a few years. Everyone is getting so old and grown-up, it's kind of weird!

That night Chris and Kati spent the night, they were on their way up to Wyoming so it was a good place for them to crash and head out that next morning. My nephews are so stinkin' cute. I haven't been able to see Nathan as much as I got to the Travis and Wes when they were little, but on the way to our house I got to sit with Nate in the back (until he started crying) and it was really fun to play with him and have him giggle with me! You forget how much you miss your family until you hang out with them again.. I couldn't imagine living any further away from them than I do now...

This week Kyle has been faithfully working on the Musical Review that the choirs are performing on Friday night. We were at the school until 9 last week for practice and I'm guessing that tomorrow night we will probably be there later than that. It's coming along very well- I'm proud of what Kyle can do with these kids- there's no way I could do it :)

I can't believe we are heading off the New York in 3 days :) It seems like it was last week I posted that we were going. I'm so excited! Yay! Steven and Meghan are awesome and are going to take care of Zeus for us while were gone. I'm really grateful to them for that! I haven't been away from Zeus for more than 2 days- it's a little weird! haha- We've turned into those people that don't have kids so we have a dog ha ha. A little pathetic I know :)

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Stormy said...

Your Grandma turned 8 huh? haha...sorry I had to say something! And I am so excited for you to go to New York, I can't wait to hear all about it and see pictures! And i also can't wait to come see your "grown-up" house!