Saturday, March 29, 2008

The Final Day in NYC

Today was our "finish things we haven't done" day and our Broadway shows day! We woke up, got breakfast at the same little cafe as yesterday, and headed over to the Manhattan Temple. It was so weird to be in this big city and then see a temple- well, the angel Moroni at least- you couldn't really tell it was a temple unless you looked up and saw the angel. It had "The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints" in it- but it just looked like another building. It was kind of strange. Then we headed over to Central Park and took a little walk through it... Kyle started singing "That's how she knows you love her" from Enchanted- that was kind of funny. I was really shocked at how many people were running in the Park- it makes sense because it's not like there is a lot of places for them to run- but there were a lot! At first I thought it was like a race or something, but nope, it was just people that like to run- weird huh?! As the City in a whole, I was really surprised at how many people I saw walking their dogs- I would see a dog and say "See Kyle- Zeus would like it here" so I'm sure he got sick of that :) But there were all kinds of dogs! It was fun to see them.
Anyway- after the park we walked over to the Rockafeller Center- i didn't know what it was either it's okay- it's where NBC studios are... and the ice skating rink that you always see in like Christmas movies and stuff was there- we watched them for a little bit because I wanted to see someone fall- but no luck no one fell. Then we headed over to see The Lion King. It was amazing. The animals were all so cool and I really think you have to see it to understand. I loved it. We were in the VERY back row- like the last row in the theater and we still had incredible seats. There is no bad seat in the house that's for sure.
Then we caught a ride from the bus to the Empire State Building, that's the one that King Kong was on in the movie- it was really tall. There wasn't that much in it... mostly shopping centers... Kinkos and Starbucks... ::little fact, there are 230 Starbucks in Manhattan alone!!:: Then we tried to find a place to eat and nothing looked good, so we settled on Wendy's... :)
Now comes my favorite part!! Then we saw... ::drum roll:: MARY POPPINS! It was AMAZING. I totally loved it. I'm so glad that Kyle had us go to it! I loved the Lion King- but this was different... if any of you out there in Blog Land has the chance to see it- I strongly recommend it. It isn't the exact same as the movie like Lion King and they both have new songs added to them.. but i loved Mary Poppins.
Our trip to New York is coming to an end, I'm sad to see it come, but I'm really excited to see Zeus ;) I had tons of fun here- I love the city! I definitely wouldn't want to live here (I called on a room, for a studio is 2300 and for a 1 bedroom it's 3500 a month.. NO THANK YOU!) but it was so fun to visit. Thanks Marie!!!

I think besides Mary Poppins, my favorite thing was Time Square. I don't know why but I just loved it. Everything is so lit up and sparkles. I kept telling kyle "soak it in!!" and I really did I loved to walk down the street with all the people and just soaked it all in. For the most, the people here were very friendly and helpful. We were talking about it earlier and we didn't ever feel unsafe at all, I felt perfectly fine walking the streets- I'm sure there are other parts in the city that aren't at safe as Time Square and the other busier parts, but for a tourist i don't think it could have been anymore tourist friendly! I would be really nervous to take my little kids here because I would be scared I would loose them, but I really enjoyed it here! If anyone gets the chance to go, definitely take it- you won't be disappointed! :)

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Stormy said...

Gosh, that's so awesome! It all sounds like so much fun! I hope I get the chance someday, I definitely won't pass it up! :)