Thursday, March 13, 2008

Biology Sucks

Disclaimer: This blog is strictly me venting- if you don't want to hear any complaining- don't read, cuz that's all this blog is full of :)

I seriously think that some college classes are a waste of time and money. This is my second semester taking a Biology course, the first semester (long story) I dropped a week before my final because I wasn't going to pass my final (the class started with 30 students and went down to 5 at the end of the semester) and I think those 5 passed, so 5 out of 30 students passed this class.
I'm taking a different Bio class, same teacher. The class as 17 students- 2 of which are passing right now. The last test we had- 1 person out of 17 passed. I don't understand how a teacher can see these numbers and not try to help the students. I asked him if there was any extra credit I could do (I do really well on the lab quizzes, but TERRIBLE on the lecture exams) and I need and I am SO willing to do extra things to help myself, and all he said was "There is no extra credit available in this class" BULL! Don't act you can't tell me something to do and add it to my grade- it's because he DOESN'T CARE- that's what I've come up with. To see all these students FAILING means that you have to not care. If you don't care- why in the heck are you a teacher in the first place?! It doesn't make sense! And you would think that the college would see how the teachers students are doing- and they would do something about it! It doesn't make any sense to me. I study a lot, this is my only class this semester and I study more this semester than I did when I was taking a full load. It's ridiculous. It really sucks when you work more toward one class that any of the other ones, and your teacher doesn't care and it doesn't pay off. I'm so annoyed with it.
It doesn't make sense why the heck I would need a study Biology class to teacher K-2. That's my degree- EARLY ELEMENTARY EDUCATION- NOT BIOLOGY! It doesn't make sense why I would need to prove that I know how Mitosis and Meiosis work- down to the chromosome, to teach Kindergarten. I hate it. I hate that we're wasting money on classes (this isn't the first bogus class I've had to take) that won't even help me with what I want to do. I have learned more in subbing with teachers aides that tell me ways to explain things for the kids to understand then I would ever learn in a classroom, especially biology. If I have to take it to prove that I can handle it- then give me a chance to actually succeed and HELP me do it. Don't just say "There's no extra credit" It's so gay.
I understood why it was so difficult last semester (the counselor told me this was the class I needed but it was BIO181- which was a class for Biology Majors- so i understood why I didn't understand anything) but this class is Bio 100! It's designed for Non-Biology majors- if he KNOWS I'm not a biology major (which I've told him) than why can't he HELP me. It's soo dumb. Ugh I'm so frustrated. Seriously it makes me HATE biology.

Thanks for letting me vent.


Melissa said...

Oh heck Alli! I fully agree with you about teachers being dumb and not helping you to pass the class. Most teachers would be more than happy to help you out in any way they can to allow for you to pass the class since you are making a serious effort to get through this. But for him to be just a complete jerk about it is totally uncalled for. Plus that is lame you are forced to take it when it doesn't have a thing to do with the field of work you are going into. I think you need to go and throw rocks at him and hope he gets a concussion and can't teach any more. ;) I wish you the best luck with this. I really do feel for you. College sucks sometimes.

Stormy said...

Ok. I love the picture. It explains exactly how I feel about school. I completely agree with you. The day I graduate will be the biggest relief of my life! I'm sorry about your Biology class...I hate stupid idiot teachers!