Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Strong Museum of Play

Today was really relaxed. We slept in a little bit and just kind of chilled with the family. At about noon we took Emmalee to the Strong Museum of Play. So cool! It was a huge play house. There was everything that you could imagine that has to do with children and toys. My favorite was the "Rainbow Reef" they had about 3 fish tanks with all kinds of different reefs that had all the different fish that feed off of them. It was so neat. There were all kinds of optical illusion things, games, craft centers, I don't even know how to explain it.
The big grocery store here is called Wegmans and there was a fake kid size store there. It had all different kinds of groceries and there were little carts that they kids could use. First, you grab a cart, then you can get up to 5 items to put into your shopping cart, then you check yourself out- you get a receipt and everything... you do that to put the food back when your done. It's really cool because it's so real!
There was also a "kids theater" that had a stage and even switches that you could put a different lighting on the stage... there was a mini backstage that you could put dress up clothes on a perform and everything. There was a mini news room that had had the different weather forecast and everything- and all these places had a little VCR and a camera that you could record and than go up to the front and buy yourself doing the report or the show and everything. There is so much so this place that we were there for 3 hours and we exhausted, and we didn't even go upstairs! It was awesome we had a lot of fun! The entire time I kept thinking how much fun Wesly and Travis would be having there!

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Carbonneau said...

LOVE!! the slide show of pics! It looks like SO MUCH FUN. Okay, so you are going to have to explain the SNOT, FART, and body parts Maybe not, I guess they say it all themselves. I guess it is good to know about the body! lol AND it looks like you guys did some DDR. Chris and I haven't played it too much since we got it, but you'll have to come jam with us sometime :) Wish were there having fun with you!! Keep up the AWESOME work with the pics! Oh yeah, and the Sesame Street stuff looked cool, the whole video taping everything...I love it, giant chess, Kyle as a seafood specialist, wow, you really could go on and on about all the fun stuff!