Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Buffalo Wings and Niagara Falls

Our 2nd day in New York was awesome... we went to.. ::drum roll:: the ORIGINAL place where buffalo wings were made!! It is called the Anchor Bar in Buffalo, NY.. Kyle was in heaven. He was so excited to finally eat the "first" buffalo wings! He loved them so much he bought the sauce that goes on it. They were so much better than Native New Yorker!
We headed over to Canada to see the Niagara Falls. It was so cooold! Kyle's mom and I were freezing so we stopped and got some beanies and scarves. It was really cool because there were sections of the falls that were frozen over- we could still get the jist of it and most of it was flowing, but some was frozen. We also went "under the falls" and part of the lookout points were frozen, Brent was saying that he had never seen the frozen before- that's how cold it was!!
Then we saw what looked like the Hershey's Factory, and I thought we were going to like watch chocolate being made and stuff- i was really excited! BUT it was just a store... still cool. There was a HUGE Hershey's bar (like 5 lbs) it was like $40! Crazy! Anyway- That was our day.. now we're chillin' with the family.
Tomorrow we're going to a Kids Museum!!! I'm SUPER excited!! I'm sure I'll tell you ALL about it! Yay!


Carbonneau said...

How fun, WOW ALLI, I thought I had traveled a lot. You have been to Hawaii, NY, AND CANADA before me!! Im pretty jealous. The falls look beautiful and you got useful souveniers (sp?) to keep you warm! :)

One year for Christmas my Mom's step sister bought a 5 lb candy bar for each of the families. We had it on the table for WEEKS and we would just chizzle a piece off of it whenever. It is a great gift I think! hint hint..lol jk! ;)

Jennifer said...

I would LOVE to see Niagra falls! And of course all of the neat church history places!