Saturday, October 17, 2015

Parent Teacher Conferences

The other day we got to spend doing family Part Teacher Conference. We got a few pics of the family all waiting outside of Macy's classroom. Macy's teacher this year is Mrs. Radzanowski and is a great fit for Macy. She raved all about how great of a reader Macy is and how she is always on task and ready to work. The only thing I mentioned was that she needs to work a little on her handwriting, so we'll work on that at home and at school. She just wants to rush through her work (it's always right) but she needs to slow down and get her handwriting under control. Macy has always been a smartie pants and we didn't expect anything else from her conference. 

London's teacher (Mrs. Ceccarelli) bragged about how great London is at puzzles and getting all her work done quickly. She is always the first one to get projects done so that she can go play with the rest of the toys or puzzles. She's a little quieter in class and prefers to play on her own or with a smaller group of people rather then a big group, but that's okay. Socially and academically she is right where she should be in 4yr old Preschool.

Bentley's teacher (Mrs. Fairbanks) showed us all his work from the beginning of the year and he is really improving on his fine motor skills. I love his preschool since it's really all about coloring, cutting, and just playing. His has lots of friends in school and is very social. 

The kids are all doing great! We are so happy to have such great teachers. One of the things that worried me about Holbrook (just being honest!) is that I didn't get to really choose where our kids went to school. They either get to do public school or home school and home schooling (to me) isn't really an option. I am so happy with what they are learning and how the schools handle situations. Yay Holbrook.

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