Saturday, October 24, 2015

Fall Break

We had one adventurous Fall Break! We decided to go down to the valley to spend a few days at my parents house and started it off right with some donuts. 

We made a stop at Grandma Benichs house (my Dad's Mom) to pick up some information for a program for my Grandpa Benichs Memorial Service that was held that weekend. I helped her a bit with her computer, looked at some old photos, had a really some really yummy pizza for lunch, and then headed off to Buckeye.
 On the way out to Buckeye we decided to take a pit stop at the mall, get my ring checked, change out a charger, and do a little shopping for the kids. The kids felt right at home at the Apple store- each with their own iPad.
The next day Kyle took the kids to the store for some good quality Dad and Kid time. They read lots of books at Barnes and Noble and each one got to pick out their own book. Then they went off to the free zoo, Petsmart!

 Kyle had to get back to Holbrook to ref a game, so I stayed with London and Bentley at my parents to get ready for the Memorial (and do the program) while he took Macy back with him. He took my parents car while we kept the van- Macy didn't get much sleep with such a quick trip and fell asleep on the way to the Memorial Service Saturday morning.
 We had a beautiful Memorial Service for my Grandpa Benich in Sedona at a church with quite possibly the prettiest view it could have. It was completely surrounded by Red Rock.
All of my parents kids were able to be there, and almost all of the entire Carbonneau extended family crew.
Bentley was too cute trying to make little Brooks laugh. He's giving peek-a-boo a try here.
We were making fun of how all the old people couldn't get the cameras to work and got this beauty.
Here is my Grandma Benich with all her kids and their spouses. Check out that view behind them!

Grandma and most of her great-grandkids. There were a couple kids in there that were smiling :)

 Kyle and the kiddos. London's dress got forgotten at home- oops!

 At the way home we stopped in Flag for some Panda Express- yum!
What a weekend we had! It was a super fun Fall Break and we were sure not ready for it to end.

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