Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Marathon and Pumpkin Patch

What a Saturday we had! Kyle's sister was in charge of the annual Petrified Forest Marathon and in full Gardner fashion, got us all into it. Kyle's choir groups were in charge of the water stations and we were in charge of getting everyone where they needed to go. We woke up bright and early (around 4:30) to get the kids to Grandma's house, the suburbans all packed with kids, and out to the Petrified Forest. Here's Savana, Levi, and Kallee all set up at the first water station all ready to go!

After we dropped up our suburban full of kids, we went back and forth picking up kids and moving them down the 26 mile course. After all the water stations were full and the runners had past them, we made our way to the finish line where we started keeping track of times and winners.
 After a looonngg morning/afternoon at the Marathon and quite possibly the shortest shower I've ever taken, we met up with the Larson's and then Nilsson's to go to pumpkin patch for our annual trip. The kids were so excited to be there, but we couldn't really capture that on camera. London is always our little smiler, but Bentley and Macy were giving the camera the cold shoulder.

 Macy started off pretty good, but after about 3 shots of this it was back to glaring looks- kind of like the one London is giving in the background.

 We always try and get a family photo at the patch- but this year it just wasn't working. Either Macy's hands in her crotch, my eyes are closed, or non of the kids are smiling.
 Here's the best we got. Not bad- but we've just gotten better before. That's okay. I love us anyway.
 Of course we get an awesome smile from Bentley when we got on the train- figures!

We finished the evening off with a trip to Trappers for dinner and pie. Yum! See you next year Pumpkin Patch!

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