Saturday, October 31, 2015

Happy Halloween!

At the beginning of October I usually start asking the kids what they want to be for Halloween so I can get their costumes started. I should just buy them, but I think it's so fun to make them personalized and their own. When I asked Macy she gave me the sweetest response "This year I just want to be a cowgirl. Then I'll just have to wear a shirt and you won't have to make me a costume." As sweet as it was, I wanted to at least spruce up "cowgirl" a bit and we decided on a Rodeo Queen. Macy's school always does a Halloween parade so that was our first run through with her putting the costume on all by herself- and she did a great job. Easy peasy!
I figured London would want to be something sparkley and pink- and I was right. Pink Fairy all the way.
Bentley wanted to be none other then Jake from Jake and the Neverland Pirates. Cute kids!

Our first stop for Halloween was a big community Halloween Bash at the fair grounds. The kids got some face painting done, played lots of games and got lots of candy. The best part- everything was free!

Next up was a little trick or treating. Every year I get the kids these big ol' candy sacks and then keep going to houses until it's filled up and then I hate on all the candy that we eat for the next month. This year we used some small bags and only had to go to 8-10 houses before they were all full! The kids felt like they got TONS of candy and we didn't have to be out all night. Win-Win!

Happy Halloween!

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