Saturday, October 17, 2015

Let's go ride a Bike!

The weather is still gorgeous here in Holbrook and with winter around the corner we decided to soak up the sun and take the kids to the skate park. Bentley has had a lot of interest in the girls bikes so we decided we should probably teach him how to ride it. We were expecting to have to push him the entire way, keep telling him to peddle, and it taking months like the girls. Not this guy- he got on and just started riding. Oh I wish it had been that easy with the girls- I will definitely take it! The girls definitely prefer to ride their scooters. 

 Since Bentley picked up the bike so easy and he's only 3, we decided it was probably time for the girls to learn how to ride their bikes (being 5 and 6) without training wheels. We dropped Bentley off at Grandma Gardner's house and took the girls to the church parking lot to try it out. London picked it up right away and was off. She had a few falls, but just got right up on her bike. Macy took a little more coaxing and a lot more tears. We finally told her if she road her bike we would figure out a way for her to ride a horse and we would go to Maverik and get a treat. With a little incentive she got up on her bike and off she went. She was much more nervous than London and fell a little more, but they really did both do great!
 Woo-hoo! They got treats!

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