Thursday, October 8, 2015

iPhone 6s = Subway!

Kyle loves things that connect to satellites. He even loves getting the newest things that connect to satellites. He has been up for a phone upgrade for a few months now and has been waiting for this baby to be out for purchase. I broke the mans heart when I told him I didn't have the cash the day it came out for him to get a phone. Luckily, with him reffing a few varsity games I was able to surprise him 2 weeks later with his brand spankin' new iPhone 6S. The most exciting part? It's 64 gigs.
 And since he was so excited for his new phone, he said we could get Subway for dinner. Win-Win. Yes, I have mayo on my face- but look how cute this picture is of us? I should not be lazy and edit it out- maybe later. :) We're real life here.

Bentley was there too... he's just crazy and all his pictures were way too blurry :)

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