Saturday, November 15, 2014

Time Out For Women

I have heard lots of great things about Time Out for Women and when I saw a status update from Kyle's nephews wife saying she was looking for people to go in on the group tickets with her, I knew I wanted to go. I checked with Kyle about the weekend and he immediately said Yup! Do it! Originally it had been on the same weekend as his All-State Show Choir- and the sweet man was going to figure out what to do with the kids and didn't even tell me it would be kind of hectic for him. Luckily they scheduled the Phoenix Temple Dedication on the same day- so Time Out for Women changed to the weekend before which was so much better for us. I called Stormy and my Mom to see if they wanted to go and they were in!

Kyle took the afternoon off on Friday so that Emily and I could drive down there to make it to the Friday night festivities. We got into the valley a little early so Emily went and hung out with her family and I took the car and did a little solo shopping trip. It's a weird feeling not having 3 little ones chasing you around the store, but it made for a quick trip. I must've called Kyle 5 times not knowing where I was going or where I should go eat. I hit up Tempe Town Marketplace, got 2 new pairs of shoes- and then headed over to some Red Lobster. Since Kyle's not a fish fan we don't eat there often.

I walked in and let the ladies know I needed to be some where in about an hour and they told me it would be much faster to just eat at the bar- so that's what I did. Luckily it was early and there wasn't anyone else at the bar but myself. The bartender didn't even offer me alcohol, I don't know if it was my "mormon glow" or "she still looks like she's in High School" but that was just fine with me.

After my delicious shrimp trio, I headed out to find the Phoenix Convention Center. I relied solely  on my i'm-so-smart-phone and didn't have a clue where I was going or how to get there. I made it to the convention center and had NO idea where to park. I made about 92 phone calls to Stormy, my Mom, and Kyle with no one picking up and finally found a parking garage to park. Stormy realized they didn't have service in the conference room and came and found me and off we went. 
We probably took about 20 selfies and these are the best ones we got...

The theme of this year TOFW was Inevitable Light. As we come to know our Savior and our callings as wives and mothers, we will be inevitable light through Christ. We heard some amazing speakers and amazing music artists but after a week later the thing that has really stuck with me is that being a wife and a mother is a HARD job... if you try and do it all, all on your own. We don't have to do everything to be a good wife or mother- we don't have to be perfect. BUT Through him, we become the perfect wife and mother for them. I can say that I am a MUCH better mother to my kids today then I was 5 years ago or even just a year ago. I have more patience and I realize more how different they are from each other and they need different things- I'm not perfect, but I AM getting better. It's a hard job if I try and do it myself, but it becomes easier and I get better at it as I become closer to my Savior and use the atonement.  I'm excited for what is in store for me. I know that my journey is far from over and I'm excited for the wife/mom that I will become in the future.

99% of the time when someone asks me what I do I tell them I'm a stay at home mom. Nothing wrong with that at all, but one of the speakers mentioned she says "homemaker". I got to thinking about the difference between a SAHM and a homemaker and there isn't much, but the word homemaker is so much more of what I do then just... stay at home mom. I want to make a home for our kids that they feel safe in, that they love, and that they can rely on. I don't just stay at home. I make our home. It's up to me to decide what type of spirit will be there that day. What type of mood will I allow myself to slip into that takes away from the spirit in our home? What shows or music will I watch or listen to that takes away that spirit? On the flip side- what will I do to make sure the spirit can dwell in our home? What can I do to make sure that spirit stays? How can I make our house a home and a refuge from the world? It's a big job being a homemaker, but I  know as we become closer to Christ that inevitable light will shine and making my house a home won't be that hard. 

I am already so excited for TOFW next year. 

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