Tuesday, November 25, 2014

The leaves have fallen

One day last week we woke up and all our leaves had fallen off the trees. It was the craziest thing! They literally fell over night. We usually have to wait awhile to do the leaves since they usually all fall at different times, but this year we took last yesterday to get it all done. First we scooped up a big pile and let the kiddos play in it before we got to work.

 It was all fun and games until London got socked in the face with a leaf pile.

 It kind of just went down hill from there.

 We have a rule in our house- if two kids are crying, we're done. With Bentley and London down it was time to get to work. Macy did pretty good with the rake for a little bit- but then I took over the raking and the girls helped Kyle keep the bag open to put the leaves into.

 Those two cute girls helped us for 2 hours! That's a long time for a 4 & 5 year old. We bagged 8 of those REALLY big clear garbage bags- there was a ton of leaves. Before we went into Macy wanted to take some pictures- she got some cute ones.

We took a few hour break and decided since we had time and it was gorgeous outside, we would just go ahead and put the Christmas Lights up! It was so much easier doing them now then when it's freezing, right after Kyle gets home from work, and trying to hurry before it gets dark. I'm excited for the Holiday festivities to begin this year!

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