Monday, November 10, 2014

1st EVER Petrified Forest Marathon

Kyle's family gets into some crazy stuff. The latest- putting on the 1st EVER Petrified Forest Marathon. Kyle's city, Kathleen, works for the City of Holbrook and figured this would be a great thing for tourism since the Petrified Forest is only 30 minutes away and the road running through the forest is 26 miles long- it was just asking for a Marathon to go through it. Kyle volunteered for his choir kids to run the water stations and it worked out really well. We had 3 suburbans with 5 kids a piece and just dropped them off at the next water station and then leap frogged them after the runners had passed their water stations. The kids had a blast... until the wind picked up! Man oh man there was a lot of wind. 

Our awesome choir supporters grabbed one water station.
 These were the front of the pack runners.
 Look how cute those water station people are!

 These two runners were amazing. They were in the back of the pack- but the front girl had a fractured rib and the one behind her was a sister that was running to support her. The sister ended up stopped at the half-marathon point and the sister in the pink finished right at the cut off time. She was amazing though and was always smiling when we saw her.

 Here is our Male and Female finishers- they are even married!

It was a great event! I can't decide if I thought it was great because the only real preparation we had to do was to get another driver and get kids signed up to help- but Kathleen did amazing! It was an organized and super fun race to help with, we'll definitely be on the list to help again next year!

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