Tuesday, November 4, 2014


A few cute things from October- Bentley somehow managed to find all 3 of his Giraffey's. Two were in the dryer and 1 was being used while the other two were being washed. He was in Giraffey heaven.
 He is also into lining up her cars lately. He talks to them, lets them know where we are going, and let's them know he'll be back soon. It's adorable.
 Macy and London are both loving their dance classes. Macy goes on Tuesdays and London goes on Wednesdays. Preschool and Dance have really been good for London, she has broken out of her shell so much and isn't as quiet are other people. On this particular day Macy dressed herself for dance. She's got stripes and polka dots- one stylish little girl!
I decided not to buy the girls school pictures this year and when I got the preview I was so excited I didn't. How funny are these kids?!
 I took Bentley's paci away a few months ago and the kids started sucking his finger! So I gave it back to him.
 With Macy in school London has been pretty bored lately. She has found a new love out of helping me with the dishes. It's a win-win!

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