Thursday, April 3, 2008

A Tribute to Zeusicals

Kyle and I love our dog :) It's true. I felt really bad when Steven and Meghan posted pisture of Zeus because I haven't ever posted a blog about him so I will :) Thanks for the inspiration. He cracks us up. These are just a little bit of the funny things he does...

He loves to watch Kyle take a shower. Not me, just Kyle. He does this all the time, it makes me laugh every time. And after Kyle is done, Zeus will run up and lick his toes. He seriously sits and waits for kyle to put his foot on the end of the bathtub so he can lick them.

He loves to lay in the sun. If I haven't seen him in a while, I either look in the office or in one of the spare bedrooms and he's always laying in the sun.

He chases flies and moths. He has never caught one that I know of, but he loves to try! In this picture he is sitting on the side tables and he would just watch it fly into the lamp light. The moth started to fly away and Zeus trying to jump and get him and ended up falling off the table and taking the lamp, the plant, and a picture frame with him. It was hilarious. No matter where he is laying, he loves to have his belly scratched. If he lays next to you and you touch him and he will automatically roll over.


Steven & Meghan said...

Ha, he'd do the same thing to me when I took a shower! After a few days I'd purposely leave the door open just a few inches and soon his head would be poking through and he'd lick my toes when I got out! I thought maybe it was my body wash he liked. Maybe he thought I was Kyle :o)

Stormy said...

People and there dogs...sheesh, ha ha yea right I miss having a cute little dog around all the time! I can't wait til I can have my own dog! Zeus is so cute!