Tuesday, April 8, 2008


I'm so annoyed with people thinking I'm a high school student and how dang rude they can be to me. It seems like almost once a week I get someone that think I'm younger than I am. I look young- yes I know, and I get it. But you can be a little nicer! We have a Safeway here and some of the High School kids go there for lunch and I'm assuming that they only let a few kids in at a time.. So today I was walking into the grocery store to buy some milk and this guy (that doesn't look much younger than a HS student either) like stops me with his hand like right in my face and says extremely rudely "Are you a high school student?!" and I glared at him because he was rude and had in hand in my face and I said "NO!" rudely back. I know I was rude and I know I should have been nicer, but I was walking in to get milk and I get a hand in my face. It's just annoying!
I have numerous stories about people that are rude because they think I'm a HS student and then when I say "I'm not a student" they are so apologetic and try to be nice- but the point I'm trying to make is they should have been nice in the first place! I don't care how old anyone is they shouldn't be treated so rudely. I don't know these people and they don't know me- so I understand that they don't know how old I am etc. but they shouldn't feel the need to be rude to me. Anyway- stupid safeway preson.


Carbonneau said...

Maybe they wouldn't have such a problem with studets IF THEY WERE NICER!!!

jodiegirl said...

Move to New York! The people are NOT rude here.. (Except for the one person on the freeway and his middle finger. However, I think he was picking his nose with that finger - so that won't count)You have to admit, people are pretty darn friendly here?!

Stormy said...

OK. Stupid! I can't stand how people can be so instantly rude. Some old man chewed me out yesterday at Sams Club because he was having a bad day and I just happened to be his cashier. Big dummies!