Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Kids say the darndest things

Not a lot has been happening up here in Holbrook. We've been working a lot- the past two weeks I subbed everyday which was fantastic, and this week I haven't worked at all, which is also fantastic ha ha. Been busy cleaning and I finished a really cute cross-stitch. It's been really nice to have some "alli time" ha ha. But now I'm getting bored- so I think I'll start on my New York scrapbook. That would be a good idea!
I thought I'd share a few funny things that happened the past 2 weeks in my second grade and kindergarten classes...

1. I was walking down the hallway last friday and a class that I've subbed a lot were coming my way and they all broke out in "Hi Mrs. Gardner!" and I walked past one little boy and he said "Will you be our sub tomorrow?!" I laughed a little and told him that we didn't have school tomorrow and I'll be at home, anyway- I thought it was cute.

2. I was sitting in front of the class watchin' the kids while they were doing their work and they were being SO good! No one was talking and everyone was doing exactly what they were supposed to do. I broke the silence by a huge sneeze and the entire class, in unison, said "Bless you Mrs. Gardner" it was halarious. I couldn't help but laugh.

3. There was a little girl Angel that was passing out paper and she dropped it all and it sounded like she said "OH $*&(" so I looked at her and said "What did you say?!" and another little girl said "She said OH $*&^" and i said "Sophie! Don't say that!!" so i looked at Angel and I said "Angel- what did you say?" because I wasn't sure if I had heard he wrong or what, I probably shouldn't have asked her but I did and the other little girl Sophie said "I told you! she said OH #*$&" ha ha. I scolded them and told them those were not words we used. But it gave me a good laugh.

I should have posted these things right when they happened because I know there were so many other funny things that happened with them but I'm a slacker! ha ha.

I hope everyone is doing awesome and we love reading your blogs!

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nalder said...

That's so funny, little kids are soo darn cute!