Thursday, April 3, 2008

It's been a good day!

Today is an excellent day! And it's only half way through so it can only get better right?! :) I woke up at around 7 and had Kyle bring me the computer (I was still in bed, what a good husband) and I surfed the net and watch ER until 9. That's my kind of way to wake up for the day :). Then I took a shower and started cleaning my house. Before we left for New York Kyle had his musical review so needless to say, we spent most our time at the school and definitely not keeping our house clean :) This week I have been subbing so I didn't really have a chance to give the house a good cleaning like it needed. SO that's what I did!
On another note, at ALCO the other day I bought this HUGE picture frame thing and after I cleaned I started putting pictures in it from our first year of marriage. There are still empty spots because the photo printer I got for Christmas a few years ago only does 4x6 and smaller, and the empty spots need 5X7 pictures- that can really give you idea of how big this thing is. ALCO always has 40% off sales, so I saw it, and waited till it went on sale. Three days later I went back- and it was on sale! Yay! Anyway- Here is a picture of the frame, not quite finished but almost!


Steven & Meghan said...

I have one not quite that big in our dining room and it's been there for, oh a YEAR now and I STILL don't have it all done. I'm only missing one picture and everytime someone comes over and starts to look at it, I have to say "yes, I'm missing a picture." I'll get around to it eventually!

Carbonneau said...

Alli you are so good at getting pics up in frames! You're house is so cute, did I tell you that? AWESOME JOB!

Stormy said...

Super cute. Your married. Weird. haha :)