Monday, May 27, 2013

Dental Work

After this post we got all our ducks in a row and got an appointment for London to get all her dental work done. Because the attention span of a two year old and the amount of work that needed to be done, the dentist opted to have her put to sleep in order to get all the work done at once. This girl was a champ with everything. She was a little nervous to put the gown on, but once we got that taken care of she did amazing. She usually doesn't do very well with new people -Story Story: I took her to a friends house while I went to a funeral and she literally cried the entire two hours I was gone. I was super nervous that I wasn't allowed to go back to the operating rooms with her. The nurse just scooped her right up though and she didn't cry at all. The doctor even told us she was giggling and laughing when they were doing her X-Rays. 

After the dentist came out he told us it went better then he thought. Originally there were 6 cavities, 4 needed to be filled and 2 needed crowns. When he got in there he only needed to do 1 crown and did the rest fillings. He did a few small fillings between teeth that he found on the x-ray but said as long as we keep up with brushing every day we should be fine here on out. I was feeling lots of MommyGuilt over this whole teeth thing and I've really just had to let it go. Macy's teeth don't have a single cavity and we do the same process with each of them every day. Dang genetics :/

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