Thursday, May 9, 2013

Camping 2013

If you've been following our blog for long you'll know that we go camping with my family annually on Memorial Day. This year was no different, but we did go a little early since my brother Steven and his wife Meghan were expecting their newest addition to the family the very first week in June. 

It's always nice to get outdoors and enjoy the nature. Bentley loved camping right from the beginning, this little guy got so much attention it was hard for him to not like it.
 My Grandpa, the kids Great-Grandpa, loves being with his grandkids. He lives for it. I'm not sure of many 70yearish men that will get down in the dirt because their great-granddaughter wants to play ball.

 My Mom found a super cute nature scavenger hunt online and got it all together for the kids. They each got a bag with all the things they were supposed to find on the front. I loved that there were pictures on the front so that the kids could somewhat do it by themselves. Macy dragged my mom around for awhile looking for all the things on her bag. I was super proud of Macy- she actually put a real life BUG in a jar for her scavenger hunt. This is a BIG deal. The girl is terrified of bugs.

We had tons of fun during the day, but we could have gone without the night. It was FREEZING and our kids were pretty miserable. Bentley and I ended up in the trailer with my parents and the girls ended up on the air mattress with Kyle. We seriously considered going to a hotel the second night. I'm thinking if we had two nights to go, that's where our bags would have been headed. Hopefully next time it'll be a little warmer being closer to June.

We also had our Carbonneau Horseshoe Tournament this year. We had all the adults and the kids play against each other with the adults throwing from the normal line and this kids throwing 10 feet or so away from the post. The kids had a BLAST and all did really well. Somehow Macy managed to win the tournament and take home the horseshoe trophy. This girl was in love. She slept with it the first night home. We keep prepping her that the next time we go camping we'll have another tournament and *hopefully* someone else will get to take it home for awhile.

Steven won the tournament last time, so this was the hand-over of the trophy.

Like always, we had a super relaxing time and we're looking forward to camping again!

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