Monday, May 27, 2013

Congrats Cassie & Casey!

Kyle's niece Cassie (Brian and Jane's daughter) got married! She married a super nice kid named Casey from Winslow. The wedding was really nice and it was fun to get together with Kyle's family since that really only happens at Weddings :)

 Jason and Emily's (Brian and Jane's son) little boys loved the water. A few times I thought they were going to jump in it! The  boys and Jason compromised by sitting on the rock. 
 This is Jared- Kyle's nephew. One of Brian and Jane's sons
 Kellie's (Kyle's sister) cute little boy Lincoln. Bentley is only a week older then Lincoln!
 Macy always manages to get a treat from Grandma or Aunt Kathleen, I'm sure one of them provided the treat :)
 The two families!
After the sealing we went over to Eva's and had a really great luncheon. They had great mexican food and little treats to take home. They did a great job in fitting A LOT of people into a pretty small room, I was impressed. After lunch we headed back to Joseph City to get ready for the reception.

 This is Ashley (Kathleen's daughter) and Holli (Kym's daughter) just hanging out.
 Courtney (Ashley's twin) and Mr. Lincoln. 
 This is Emily and Kristen. There were quite a few photographers around the place. Their pictures are a lot better though, our camera floated around the family for most of the night while Kyle DJed and I chased kids around.
 Courtney and the awesome cake that Emily made. It was her first cake ever and she did amazing. She said she used Pinterest and YouTube!

Marie! Kyle's mom, she's awesome.

The bridesmaids getting their hair fixed. We have Kaylee and Lindi (Brian and Jane's daughters) and their cousin. 
 Ashley and Garrett (Keith's son)... oh Garrett, he's a special kid.

London and Macy pretty much played with this stuffed horse the whole reception. No joke. They loved it.

 Emily and Jason. 
 Keith and Theresa (Kyle's brother and sister-in-law) 
 When Cassie got engaged she told her Dad she wanted a reception in the backyard and she wanted a water fountain. He did a really great job, the pictures don't do it justice.
 Cassie and Casey's first dance.
 Grandma and Bentley. He was a trooper all night. He's such a good kid!
 Theresa and Kym (Kyle's sister)
 Kaylee, Jane (the bride's Mom) and Kristen
And my favorite for last... awwwww
Like always, it was a party! 

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