Thursday, May 16, 2013

Preschool Program

Macy had her first Preschool Program, and let me tell you- it was SO adorable. She loved her class and they did such a good job. Macy had to say the part "We learned to say the pledge and read our names. We learn by songs and games." and she nailed it. This girl has a memory like nobody's business. A few days before her program I dropped her off at preschool and her teacher and I got to chatting. I told her we were working on her part at home and she has it down, but I was a little nervous about whether or not she would say it in front of everyone. Her teacher laughed and told me that she could probably recite the whole program own her own. She was a little nervous when we initially walked into the classroom but after a little chat she got over it and did great. 

This is her class waiting for the program to start.

 The did a cute teddy bear song where they would put the teddy bear on various parts of their bodies. Her teacher told me that Macy picked this teddy bear every time they practiced.
 They did a super cute version of the song "If your happy and you know it". Instead of changing the end of the song to clap, stomp, and shout hooray they changed the "happy" part. This one is if "you're surprised and you know it...."
 "If you're grumpy and you know it...."
 "If you're scared and you know it... shiver and shake"
 "If you're happy and you know it shout hooray".. The funniest part is little Kendrick in the corner of the picture... she wasn't very happy about being at the program.
 Next the teacher read a story that had all the barn animals in it. When the teacher would say the kids part they would make the animal sound.
 Macy had two teachers in her classroom- the first was Mrs. Richards- who LOVED Macy. We were walking out the door and she pulled me assigned and told me she really loved having Macy in class, she said "Some kids are just special" :) I thought that was very sweet. I saw a super cute thing on Pinterest that I started with Macy. I bought her a copy of "Oh, the Places You'll Go!" and had her teachers write her a little note in it. I'll let Macy have it/read it when she graduates High School.
Macy and Mrs. Fairbanks. She was such a great preschool teacher. She was always so level headed when we were there and knew the kids so well by the end of the year. You could tell she really loved her job. 
It's still a little surreal that Macy is done with her first year of preschool. I have her registered for the 4 year old preschool class and I know she'll do so great. Only one more year until she's in Kindergarten- time go way too fast.

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Steven said...

Well, it is true. Macy is so special! I love her huge personality, the things she says, and her wonderful imagination. But, it helps kids to channel that in the right way when they have amazing parents like you two!