Monday, June 3, 2013

Pool Time

Macy doesn't really love the pool or swimming. With me being a coach for the swim team this year I was determined to get this girl to like the water. Macy and London both LOVE the concept of going to the pool, just not the actual getting into the water. I decided this summer we would be at the pool A LOT and they she would learn to like it. We picked up a super cute suit from Old Navy- purple and polka dots- two of Macy's favorites. I told her to go put her suit on and she came out telling me that it came with a sticker.
 We were all ready for the pool and realized these kid are way to cute to not take a picture of their first swim of the summer. Bentley wasn't into it at first, he pretty much looked at me like I was the worst Mom ever.
 Then he thought about all the ways he was going to get me back for letting his sisters pin him down.

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