Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Annie Jr.

Kyle moving from Joseph City to Holbrook has been so good for both Kyle's career and the Holbrook Schools. If you know much about Kyle you'll know that he loves musicals. He did quite a few in her 4 years in Joseph City and brought the tradition with him in Holbrook. He started at the High School with Bye, Bye Birdie and then moved on to doing Annie Jr. at the Junior High. They did an amazing job and the community and administration really supported them. It was great for the community to see what these Jr. High kids could do and they really pulled it off. 

We had lots of make-up to do this year with making all the orphans look like orphans. It was super fun. This year I'll be sure to smile in pictures like Kylie :)

 Kylie (one of Kyle's High School Swing Things students) helping with make-up

Look how good they look! I actually thing we added more dirt so you could see it off stage. This is one of the orphans and Miss Hannigan.
 Getting prettied up. This was Lily and an "extra".

 These were the maids in Mr. Warbucks house and some extras.
 Maids and some Orphans
 Orphans and Lily
 Daddy and London
 Tucker, Mariah, and Kyle. 3 of Kyle's Swing Thing Seniors. He pulled out these three to help the Jr High. They did choreographer and some Assistant Director work. These three are awesome!
 Some pictures of the performance.

 They used a REAL dog for Sandy... and it worked! And the dogs REAL NAME is Sandy!

 The whole cast- they did so great!

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