Saturday, May 5, 2012

Bye Bye Birdie

Last month was CaaRaZy. That is for sure. To sum it up, it was "musical season". Which means Kyle would leave for school at 7 a.m. and wouldn't be home until 10:30 p.m. for about 3 weeks. Luckily he comes home for lunch every day and we went and had dinner with him in his office, but we didn't really see much of "Daddy" last month- just Mr. Gardner- and it's different.  Luckily here in Holbrook Kyle doesn't have to be in charge of everything by himself. Holbrook has a Drama Teacher AND a Band Teacher that helped with the musical, a big difference from Kyle just doing it all on his own. All the hard work really paid off and the kids did AMAZING and the show was really fun to watch. 

Here is a picture of the cast:
 Miss London chillin' in the seats... probably waiting to go home :)
Now that the musical is over and we have "Daddy" Kyle back he's been doing a lot of yard work and helping around the house, which is fantastic because this pregnancy is starting to wear me out a little. I've been really good about walking at least 5 days a week but pregnancy is just pregnancy- it wears on ya no matter how much you try and prevent it! Tomorrow we start the 3rd trimester, and I haven't gotten ready at all... but I still got time :)

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Whitney said...

I hope you still have time! I haven't sent you stuff! I will soon, I promise. Glad you have "Daddy" Kyle back!