Saturday, May 12, 2012

Tumbling Recital 2012

Macy took a big step this year! She took her first tumbling class! I wish I could say she loved it, but she didn't really. She was the youngest in her class and had quiet a few 5+ year olds in it, so I think she felt "little" a lot. She just isn't strong enough yet to do handstands, somersaults, and cartwheels... but it was sure cute watching her try. I think we'll hold off a little longer to put her back into anything, I just don't think she liked it enough to put in the time and energy getting her to class twice a week. Maybe we'll try again in a few years if she shows interest in it.

Here are some pictures of her recital, we don't have a zoom lens so it's kind of far but I'll tell ya what she's doing. 

Here is her doing a handstand. 
When she first came on stage she stared at the audience for a while and then stopped at the mat and said "I need help..." 
 Here is her cartwheel.... 
 Back bend
 Walking on the beam. I wish I had video to show everyone how funny she was. Everyone was laughing at her (in a good way) because she was just so little and adorable.
 Her back roll. It was more of a flop-backward-teacher-flip-me-over kind of roll

 Running and "jumping" on the bouncy thing. She was supposed to stop and finish but just ran off stage while everyone cheered her on.
 The Strut Your Stuff participants. 
 Tumbling 1 kids, these kids were hilarious to get a picture of. Macy decided she was going to be a diva. 
The photographer told everyone to put your arms up and you can tell Macy was having none of that. 
 No idea what this girl is doing, pretending she's in Shakespeare I suppose. It was too funny.

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