Wednesday, May 16, 2012

I was talking to someone the other day about how I've never had a pedicure ::insert gasp here, I know I know:: and they made the comment "Once you get one you can never go back". I've been thinking about it and obviously if I've never gotten a pedicure and I get one, I can never go back to not having one before. It's funny the phrases people use and come up with and use, when they don't really make sense.

My biggest pet peeve with phrases? "I could care less" meaning it doesn't matter to them. It's not "I COULD" or that means you care, the phrase is "I COULDN'T care less" which means you really couldn't care less. I have to admit I used to be a "I could care less" person until one day I said it and realized it didn't make any sense. So, if you are a "could care less" user, now you know, you've been forgiven, and please- let's "couldn't care less" now k?

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Mike, Trish, Megan, Ryan and Cameron Gardner said...

I hate "Can I be honest with you?" or "To be honest..." Does that mean that everything you told me before you uttered this phrase was not honest and you are only being honest now?

I also hate "no offense but..." This just means I am going to say something very mean but you are not allowed to be offended because it is prefaced with a the disclaimer. Perhaps we should try this when we deal with the folks in Colorado City..."no offense, but you guys are idiots, your prophet needs to stay in jail forever...and you need to start thinking for offense."