Sunday, September 4, 2011

Happy 1st Birthday London!

For London's first birthday we celebrated in Buckeye with some of our family. Steven was blessing his little boy the next day, so we decided while everyone was there we should do the party as well.My Grandma and Grandpa Bochat, Chris and Kati and their kids, and Steven were all able to make it out to the party. My mom spent the day making shells for dinner and then Kati and I made some cupcakes for the party.  I found the idea for the cupcakes on Pinterest, and they were SUPER cute. We looked all over and we couldn't find the sour airheads that we were supposed to use (they were striped different colors, so it looked like a rainbow) so we had to use just plain colored ones, but that's okay. We took a trip into town to go birthday shopping and the boys watched some (okay, a lot) of football.

London wasn't shy about eating the cupcake at all, in act she thoroughly enjoyed it.

The kids were so excited about eating the cupcakes. Kati and I made them about 1/2 an hour before the party started and the kids could hardly keep their pants on they were so excited to eat them.

 London has enjoyed all of her presents... sometimes we have to remind Macy whose presents they were, but they are doing good sharing and London doesn't really mind all the much.
 Grandma Bochat bough London her very own tissue box, she loves to pull them out- it was one of her favorites.
 After opening presents we went over to the neighbors house and went swimming, I'll have to add those pictures after I get them from my Mom. It was a great way to get the kids energy out.

Here is our happy baby girl that next morning. She is such a baby happy when she first wakes up in the morning, I love it.
Overall it was a fantastic weekend! We went to the Baby Jack's blessing the morning after and had a day filled of family fun. Thanks for having us Mom and Dad!

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