Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Dumb vacuum.. or owner?

I love my vacuum, when it works. It sucks things right up and I love the way my carpet looks after I'm done, nice, fluffy and just plain lookin' clean. Every once in awhile my vacuum decides it's not going to work. Then we have to replace the belts- which aren't sold in stores, so I have to wait a week for them to get here. I end up borrowing Kyle's Moms vacuum because I hate dirty carpet. For the past 2 weeks my vacuum has been dead- the brushes are not spinning. I ordered the belts, two this time so that next time one goes out I'll order one when I put the 2nd one in and I'll always have one. That didn't work. Kyle looked at it a few times, and when my brother was in town a few weeks ago he looked at it. The were determined it was because of the 2nd belt, so I got the other belt... that didn't work either. I was determined that m vacuum was just dead. Whatever. I'm done with it anyway, I'll get a new one that actually works.  Then I had a thought, and looked at these buttons.

 See how that little switch says "Flooring"? Well, when it is switched to "Hard" that means the power brushes turn off... ya those brushes that kept not spinning and we thought it was because of the belts... duh- so I switched the switch to "carpet".
And walla, 2.5 weeks, a mail order, trip to the store, a husband and brother, and a switch later, it works.


lisa said...


Mike, Trish, Megan, Ryan and Cameron Gardner said...

You are braver than I am. I would have never admitted this. I would have come up with some story how you jimmy rigged the vacuum to work and that you are obviously the smartest one in the family. :)