Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Navajo County Fair

We live in a pretty central part of town. The elementary school, pool, library, park, and fair grounds are all a 5 minute walk away from us. It is really nice to be so close to all the community activities and I could definitely get used to it. The only down side from this is when anything is going on Macy can see it out our family room window and begs and pleads until we go do it, which is actually good for us because it gets us out of the house. When the fair comes to town we can see the lights of the ferris wheel, as clear as day. The picture below isn't from our window, but it pretty much looks like this.
 When Macy saw all the pretty lights she asked "what's goin' on over there" and I let her know that the fair was in town and maybe we'll go check it out. "Mom! What's the circle?!" "That's the ferris wheel" "I wanna go on the ferris wheel!" and that's how it started, Macy's love of the ferris wheel. Every few minutes she would ask me when we were going to go on it. Kyle and I were already planning on going to the demolition derby so we decided to bring Macy along with us and see how she did. All day long Macy kept asking if it was time to go to the fair, and all day long I let her know "you have to take a nap, eat dinner, drop London off at Grandmas, THEN we get to go to the fair"... She did awesome and patiently waited all day, when it was time for a nap she got all excited because we were that much closer to riding the ferris wheel. 

The demolition derby wasn't as good as it was last year, it had rained like crazy all day so it was extremely muddy and all the cars kept getting stuck and couldn't pick up very much speed. It was fun to watch though and be with friends. We meant Lisa there (Lorin was working) and then ran into the Wheelers too. Yay for friends!

 While we were talking into the stadium a guy from a booth handed Macy a big red balloon. She was having lots of fun playing with it until....
 Daddy accidentally poped it....
 Luckily one of the guys from the booth that she got it from was sitting next to us, and he called one of his guys from the booth and they gave her a new one. After the demolition derby Macy was pretty wiped out but FINALLY got to go on her precious ferris wheel. 
 She was so excited to go but she was so tired and it was hard for her to show all her build up emotions.

For about 2 weeks Macy would tell everyone she met about her experience; "The cars were crashed and then they got STUCK in the mud, and then we went, we went, we went on the FERRIS wheel!!" The next day Macy asked if we could go on it again, I told her it was too much money to go on it more then once. After I told her that she kept telling everyone "But we can't go on it again, it's a hundred DOLLARS" When the fair left she asked me where it went and I told her it went home. She looked at me with a pretty puzzled look on her face and said "It didn't go home. It would make a MESS in the house!"

I'm so glad we decided to take her with us, she had so much fun and it was definitely a night to remember.

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