Tuesday, March 3, 2009

House= Excited!!!

I promised myself I wouldn't get excited yet and I would wait until we actually had the keys in our hands before blogging about it- but I'm just too excited I can't wait any longer! lol. We're buying a house!! I couldn't be more excited (even though I shouldn't be in case things don't work out blah blah blah... I know I know) We were going to buy a different one but then we started looking at other houses and I just fell in love with this one (and it's renovated and we can move in sooner and I just like it better). It was far better than any of the other houses for sale in Holbrook and it has soo much potential to me! Our closing date in March 13th but the lender said that we should be able to close before then :) I'm so excited to have our own place again and to be able to decorate a nursery!

Here's a few pictures for you to get excited about too :)

Here is the outside, I don't have a picture of the whole house yet, and now there are new shingles on the top instead of the wood shakes (and there is grass in the front but with it being winter/beginning of spring ya gotta give it some time :) )

Here is our living room :) I love the huge window.

and here is my kitchen :) Not huge, but I like it none the less :)
Thanks Marie for letting us crash at your place for the last 8 months! Don't worry, we'll take Zeus with us when we leave :)

ANNNNDDD It has a HUGE backyard. Like huge. Not really landscaped... but whoever was there last tried, we just have to help the trying out a little bit :)

I'M SO EXCITED!!!! (even though I shouldn't be, but sorry Kyle I just couldn't help it anymore, I can to show my emotions)


Carbonneau said...

SUPER DUPER EXCITING! I hope it works out for you!!!!
btw the word verification thing for me this time is the word Elation...I think that means SUPER EXCITED! quite appropriate I thought.

Andrew and Heidi said...

Yay! Congrats! I hope it all works out smoothly!

Brent & Jodie said...

So excited for you guys! And I love the house!!!