Friday, February 27, 2009

Whitney's Bridal Shower

Last weekend we were able to go down to good ol' Buckeye and attend Whitney's Bridal Shower!! It's so fun to me that one of my friends is getting married- woo-hoo! The food was excellent and Stormy and I basically sat on the couch the whole time with Macy girl... we laughed like teenagers like we always have. I would look at Macy and think it was so surreal that I had a baby already because we were acting so goofy :) The other side of the couch sat like 4 teachers from our elementary school, they were probably thinking the same thing :) Whitney got some awesome stuff for her little casa, I'm so excited for her!

Here are some pictures to mark the occasion... Not a lot, but a few :)
I miss my friends :(


KathyCarbs said... girls are so cute!!

Carbonneau said...

Cute Shirt! I bet you had a great time. It is nice to have good friends and it is even more fun when they get to be in the same place in life that you getting married. Makes it even more fun!
congrats to Whitney!

Stormy said...

And we miss you! These pics are adorable! I hope you don't mind if I borrow them :)

Stormy said...

And it was soo fun acting like teenagers again! :) lol