Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Wonderful Weekend

Yes I know- I'm a complete slacker! I have been meaning to update so here ya go!

This weekend I went to my parents house in Buckeye and hung out there for Mother's Day and Jolene Jenkins surprise birthday party- which was I think, a total success! There was tons of people there and Whitney did so good with the food and everything. Good job Whitney! After that Whitney and I went to chill at Stormys house- lots of laughter for sure. It's always fun hanging out with those two. I'm going to miss them when they both leave (stormy's going to Ecuador and Whitney is going on a mission). Saturday My mom and Derek's girlfriend Brittany and I met Chris and Kati at the Temple to help them take care of the boys. They are getting so big and so adorable. After the temple we ate and went back to the house and played some card games- Brittany kicked our trash at like everything.

Sunday was Mother's Day! We got my mom an Ott lamp (it's a quilting thing) and she was so excited about it! I'm glad cuz she definitely deserves it! I'm glad that as I've gotten older we've become really good friends. I swear I call her at least 5 times a day to tell her something or ask her what do I clean this up with ha ha. I have been married almost a year and I still need my mom :)

Monday... hm... i can't really remember... WAIT! My mom and I went SHOPPING. That was fun- we went to Ross, Target, and Sam's Club and bought all the stuff that I can't buy up here. It was fun to have a day just us two.

Today was my last day of class- YAY! We'll see if I pass- stay tuned :) In exactly 4 days we will be on our way on an all expense paid vacation to Disneyland, Knotts Berry Farms, and Universal Studios (hotel and food included). Sweet huh?! Only there's a catch... we're taking 20 seniors with us. Kyle is the senior class sponsor so we will be going on the senior trip. We will be at Disneyland on our 1 year anniversary, but I think it's pretty cool! We reserved a table at the Blue Bouye (The restaurant by Pirates of the Caribbean) so I'm really excited!!

Kyle has gotten like 5 or 6 DJ jobs already for this summer, so that's awesome. He's really excited, he loves to Dj...

My mom found this ADORABLE kitchen table at a yardsale for 50 bucks- so she called me and i said I love it! Let's get it! so our old kitchen table is now my "craft table." the new one is a bit smaller than our old one- but it's just us two right now and I think this table fits better in the kitchen...
We'll let everyone know how the trip was... and maybe some other exciting news will be posted later- so stay tuned! ;)


Carbonneau said...

I am VERY EXCITED FOR YOU! Diseyland, knots berry..we were going to go to San diego the end of this month...but with gas prices and then the hotel we wanted was $69 a night is now $169...BIG DIFFERENCE. anyhow, we might find a place in Phoenix and run away from the boys still :) Can't wait to hear your report back from your trip. Send us phone pics and videos like NY! :)

nalder said...

I cant believe you got that table for only 50 bucks! What a great deal! Its very cute too!