Thursday, May 15, 2008

The Host... not my favorite

I just got done reading The Host... actually, I finished last Sunday... and I'm not going to lie I was a little disappointed. It is definitely totally different from the Twilight series. With the Twilight series I was hooked from book one- the entire way through. The Host- I think I was hooked at first because I was so excited to be reading one of Stephanie Meyers books... BUT... i wasn't really interested in the story. It's definitely a sci-fi type of book, and I guess I'm just not really interested in that stuff. Maybe if I just loved to read, I would have enjoyed it better... but I'm a "it has to be really good" person.... At the end when I found out what had happened, I seriously didn't read the last few pages because I just wasn't interested anymore. The whole reason I got that far was so I could say I finished. The book won't go on my favorites list. There was a storyline- but I feel like there was just a lot of extra fluff to it... no surprise ending.. nothing. I totally called what was going to happen half-way through.

Anyway.. it wasn't my favorite.

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Stormy said...

I agree. I was so excited to read it since it is by Stephanie Meyer but i'm having trouble getting into it, I can't stop thinking about Edward, haha! But really, i'm on Ch. 7 so I guess I still have time to get hooked!