Monday, February 11, 2008


We booked our flights!! We are leaving at like 9 in the morning on Sunday March 23, and coming back Sunday March 30. We also got tickets to The Lion King on Broadway :) We are going there on Saturday the 29 at the 2pm showing :) I'm soo thrilled!! Thank you Marie!! (Kyle's mom) For the last 2 hours or so we have been looking at all the TV shows that would possibly shoot in NYC to see if we can get tickets, we think we might have a pretty good shot at the People's Court, but kyle is really hoping that the Letterman show or the Colbert Report will call us back- so let's keep our fingers crossed for him! I'm personally hoping for the Tyra Banks Show (it's the only show I could think of that would be there haha) but we'll see.


Brent & Jodie said...

OHHH, you are so lucky! I am super jealous that you get to go to the city. Maybe I can convince Brent to stay home will all three kids so I can go with you guys. :)

Steven & Meghan said...

Well, if I had it my way we'd never play video games...but it was free so I can't complain. It's already taken over our lives though...I'm okay though, I got DDR so I have something to do if I can ever steal it away from Steven. It's a good work-out too!

Granma Flo said...

I signed up on google so I could put comments on all of my grandchildren's blogs.
Oh it is so wonderful. It is like getting letters from you all when I read them. luv, Granma Flo