Sunday, February 24, 2008

Sadie Hawkins

To quote Dr. Bruce Bishop (Choir director at EA) we (mostly Kyle though) are eternally tired :)

This week Kyle had his sisters Kellie and Kathleen here to do choreography for his coming up musical review, and his brother Keith here to work on the auditorium and get it running a little better and more smoothly. I think he had something different going on everyday this week, so we won't go into everything because it would probably max out our blog :) This weekend we had the opportunity to go to Joseph City HS Sadie Hawkins dance, where Kyle was the DJ. We thought it would be really fun to dress the same, because all the kids would be matching too.
So we took a trip to ALCO before the dance, but no luck. There was nothing cute in the girls section that would match anything cute in the guys section, and in the guys sections nothing was Kyle's size or my size. So we figured it was a nice thought but oh well. WELL- I was getting ready trying to find something to wear, and I decided to wear this chocolate brown shirt that I usually wear with a black camisole, and I remember Kyle had a chocolate brown shirt too!! So we wore chocolate brown shirts, both long sleeve, and black slacks.
We had fun going to a High School dance together! It was definitely not the HS dances I remember though. It's amazing the difference between a majority LDS school and a minority LDS school. At my school they would all be bumpin' and grindin' (I say they because I didn't dance like it) and here, they just wiggled back and forth :) It was pretty humorous. At my dances there was also almost the entire school there, because people that were younger than 16 went- but here, if their not 16 they don't go- their probably not allowed. They had a pretty good turnout though, practically the whole Junior and Senior classes went.. all 50 of them :) It was also pretty funny that they had the entire dance on the stage, and there was plenty of room to have more.
Kyle was getting kinda frustrated with the kids, because he would play a song with a really good beat- and they would look at him like he was crazy because the songs were too new- Joseph City didn't know these songs yet :) So he went back to the 90's and they were good with that :) Keith came over and helped us for a little bit toward the end, they had a lot of fun tag teaming the songs.

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Carbonneau said...

how fun! we went to a valentine's dance and when they played Cotton Eyed Joe (sp?) I wanted to do the line dance I know...but NO ONE else knew it, and they did some polka partner dance thing, that was fun...but still, not the same as the phx dances...I guess we have some good country dancin' to learn though! Did a lot of them dance two step?